Sunday, September 9, 2007

Freeset™ does interactivity

I came across this neat "humanlocator™" at Swiss Miss, and dug just a little into the development company, Freeset. There's a lot to learn from them about smart use of interactivity. I've heard a lot of succesful bizmen who based their operations on collaboration, and common core advice from them boiled down to requiring partners, big or small, to have skin in the game. Good interactivity does just that, requires the viewer to put skin in the game, and make them a partner. Even their company introduction page reveals their headline only as you rolll over the words, and you have to keep rolling over to keep them up as they fade. "What if people don't bother to point there? They won't see it." If they don't have to interact with it, they may not bother to point their brain at it. Engaging is better.

Link to the humanlocator demo, I liked bubbles.

Via Swiss Miss

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