Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vacation Postcards

Laura Schreiber, a freelance illustrator, took a nice vacation on a lake. She painted some watercolors and sent them as postcards to her friends here. Each was beautifully done, but the real gas was when they line up together. Click the changing picture above to see.
*The artist tells me this is an ocean, not a lake. Oops. I thought those were lakegulls.


Adrienne said...

I found this to be so amazing! Ms. Schreiber has painted us a beautiful image of nature at its best. You feel as if you are right there next to her, writing in your journal. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

The clear and remarkable work of an real artist is often seen in quick works capturing one moment for all. Thanks Laura Schreiber for taking us all along to see how you spent your summer vacation. What you did last summer - will be what each of us can only hope to aspire to next summer.

Jack Goldenberg said...

These are really well done.

Michele said...

Beautifully executed, nice control of one of the hardest mediums to paint with, I have watched this womens work blossom over the years, definately someone to keep an eye on in the art world. Seeing her work often makes me wanting more !!
Michele Eberto