Monday, October 1, 2007

Dove Follows "evolution" with "real beauty"

It's hard to follow up after a triumph, (see Sony Bravia) but I guess if your message has legs, your concept rolls out easier.
As a father of 2 young daughters, I like this. A girl likes to be a girl, and put on makeup and dress pretty; but the fashion/beauty industry has gone overboard with convincing women they're just not pretty enough...but can get a little closer to acceptable with " ". Playing games with girls' self image to sell them 20¢ worth of grease paint for $6.95, 40¢ worth of shampoo for $16.50, and still they can't measure up. I'm left with more respect for the tobacco industry.
Great campaigns don't seem to start with, "Let's sell more of this stuff," but with a notion to redirect society, change thinking. Sometimes it's just recognizing a movement waiting to happen and getting out in front.
Only thing that bothers me is; there's no such thing as a boy or man in Dove-world. I don't know if that's a step up from the normal ad-fact that "men are idiots."
by Ogilvy via Adverblog
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